BMX Stunts 2

Bike, Stunt, Stickman

Description:The ninja stick man knows one hundred ways to kill and you could even not know he is there. But today is not a killing day, but he feels more like doing stunts with his BMX bike. Press Space bar to pedal and the UP arrow to jump. Gather as many stars and power ups as you can, also try to do stunts, but do not hit anything because you will fall down and have to restart the level. In the upper part of you screen you will see the numbers of lives you have, how many tokens you have gathered, your level and your score. You will get added score every time you perform a stunt. The more you press the space bar, the faster you will go and you can even jump higher. The later levels will become more challenging, but you will have check points, so that if your crash you do not have to start from the beginning.

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